Energy & Shadows



Melina is a graduate of Eden Energy Medicine’s Foundation Program, and is currently offering Energetic Self-Care Sessions in and around the Portland area.

As someone who is directly managing symptoms of autoimmunity using Energy Medicine, Melina is passionate about working with people who are dealing with chronic pain and illness, as well as the emotional issues related to physical illness. Energy Medicine is a powerful way to get your body’s energy systems moving forward and out of stuck patterns, which is at the root of pain and illness.

These sessions are a one-on-one meeting where I will teach you simple exercises and techniques to repeat at home to help your body build new pathways and habits to help balance your energies and keep them moving forward. Sessions include a handout to follow at home.


If we can think of energy workers existing along a continuum, Shadow workers exist on the opposite end of the spectrum from Lightworkers and as such, possess polar opposite gifts.  Shadow workers are fiery-warrior types and possess a darkness about them.  We live in the shadows and are comfortable in the darkness.  As such, many are extremely gifted in helping to identify shadows and bring them to the light.  Shadow workers guide others to dive deep into their fears, woundedness, traumas, compulsions and all that remians hidden from the world – and often from ourselves.  Shadow workers are relentless in their pursuit of darkness so that it can be integrated within us.  Shadow workers are masters at Soul Retrieval and help people reassemble the lost parts of themselves into a harmonious, cohesive whole.  Since most people resist their shadows, Shadow workers often feel dangerous – at least at first glance.  Again, we have a darkness about us. I can’t even begin to count the times I’ve been told that. While this darkness can be a gift, it can also be the bane of the Shadow worker’s existence if not treated with respect.  Many fellow shadow workers I know have struggled with addictions.  These addictions, I believe, arose because of the shadow worker’s fear of their own power – and perhaps for some – because in the past they have used their powers for their own benefit (and even to cause harm) and not for the common good.  Healing the past frees shadow workers to do what they came here to do – help people fully embrace the HUMAN that they came here to be.

Shadow work is unique to the individual. Meetings with Melina often include: hands of and off energy work, guided work(Feeling into the Feeling or Core Technique), visualization and more.

Melina comes from a long lineage of Shadow Workers, Energy Medicine Practitioners and Shaman. She has also completed various trainings in trauma and ethics in the field of energy work. All sessions remain forever private and discreet.

***For a limited time, Melina is currently offering these sessions on a donation based/sliding scale. Each session ranges from 60-90 minutes.

*Contact Melina directly for more information or scheduling a free consultation: 503-432-0521 or


“Energy is your body’s magic! It is your life force. You keep it healthy and it keeps you healthy. If you are sick or sad, shifting your energies feels good. When you care for these invisible energies, it makes your heart sing and your cells happy!” – Donna Eden

((( Gift Certificates available for any amount! )))

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