The “Healer” is You.

  1. Please question anyone and everyone who claims to be or calls themselves a “healer”.
    Also, those who say they practice “energy medicine” and such and aren’t a licensed acupuncturist, or lack a significant amount of training, which should include certifications and credentials with well respected and credible EM teachers in the field. Be wary.
    I’m amazed at all the pretenders out there. It’s so irresponsible, and I’m seeing more and more inexperienced and unqualified people, especially in the yoga world, offering so called “energy medicine sessions”. This work isn’t something you just make up as you go along. Even if one feels inclined to do the work, you need guidance, deep study and thorough ethics training in order to be of any service to others in this way.
  2. If you aren’t experienced in this work, maybe try calling yourself an “intuitive” instead. Please don’t lead innocent people who are seeking healing to believe that you know what you are doing.
    Once you see behind the veil, you can unsee what is seen.

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