Spring Beginnings

Happy Spring Everyone!

Good News! The knees are healing and I will be back to teaching this Tuesday, April 1st. Myself and Renee Sills will be leading a series called Embodying the Zodiac, from 7-9pm at The People’s Yoga in NE, 2nd studio on 16th and Alberta. I am so very excited about this class, and I will be there to co-teach, with my crutches and chair!

Then, I plan to return to my regular schedule on Friday, April 11th. Teaching my Restorative class at Shanti Om in St.Johns at 4:30pm, as well as my 7pm Vinyasa & Restorative class The People’s Yoga NE 2nd Studio at 7pm.

And, on Tuesday, April 14th at 7pm, I will be offering the first Full Moon Illumination Celebration class at The People’s Yoga 2nd studio! This class will be monthly and include yoga asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, visualization, and some cosmic conversation.

Exciting stuff! I also plan to add a few more classes to my regular schedule, so stay tuned, and feel free to request new classes, times, ideas etc. I always love to hear from you.



New Exciting Workshops and Series!!!

Upcoming Workshops and Series – Spring 2014:

Embodying the Zodiac: A monthly exploration of the movement and the body through each of the 12 signs of the zodiac with Renee Sills and Melina Donalson.


Upcoming Dates:
Tuesday, April 1st 7-9pm (Aries)
Tuesday, April 29th 7-9pm (Taurus)
The People’s Yoga – Northeast Second Studio

Cost: $10 a class or $100 for the year ($9/$99 for members)

“As above, so below” and “as without, so within”. In its Ayurvedic roots, yoga is intertwined with astrology: the ancients understood that the movement of the heavenly bodies influences and affects our Earthbound bodies from the moment that we born. Join Melina and Renee for a monthly series that explores the qualities, physical affinities and energetic expressions of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each session will include body-centered meditation, breath techniques, visualization and therapeutic yoga as well as the opportunity for you to learn more about yourself and your constitution. No prior knowledge of astrology is required.

For more information to register: http://www.thepeoplesyoga.org


Full Moon Illumination Celebration with Melina Donalson

Tuesday April 15th 7-8:45pm
The People’s Yoga – Northeast Second Studio

Cost: $10 non members, $9 member price

Every Full Moon has it’s own unique expression, and signals the culmination or fruition of our intentions and decisions coming full circle. It is a time to harness this energy, cultivate light, move forward and continue on our path. Each Full Moon brings heightened awareness, emotion and it brightens dark corners, illuminating areas that need light. Join Melina Donalson, each full moon, for a Full Moon Illumination Celebration.  Asana, movement, mantra, meditation and a little cosmic conversation.

For more information to register: http://www.thepeoplesyoga.org

Surgery and Schedule to change in late March

I will be having Arthroscopic Chondroplasty and Lateral Release surgery done on both knees on March 25th. This has been a long time coming, and I am actually looking forward to having it done.

I will have classes subbed for a few weeks, and then will only be teaching my restorative type classes until completely healed and recovered. Meaning no vinyasa or hatha and flow classes for a while.

But, stay tuned for some very exciting workshops and events!


February is Bring a Friend to Yoga Month at Shanti Om!

February is bring a friend to Yoga Month at Shanti! Every class that you bring a new person to Yoga, for the month of February, you’ll earn a free Yoga class! That’s right, so grab a friend, a relative, or coworker and get your next class free. Your choice: gift the class to the friend or take the class for yourself! Bring 4 friends (to separate classes) and receive an extra class. That is 5 free classes!

Schedule Changes

Schedule Changes as of today;

I am no longer teaching Vinyasa on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at The Peoples Yoga in SE. As many of you know, I have had to miss quite a few classes over recent months, due to some healing work I have needed for my heart, and could use some more time.  Another teacher will be taking over this coming Monday, October 21st. But, I will still be subbing in SE as much as I am needed.  So check the online schedule! http://www.thepeoplesyoga.org

New Class! Beginning Friday, November 8th, I will teaching a Vinyasa/Restorative class at The People’s Yoga NE in the Small Studio, 7-8:30pm. This will be a wonderful, warming class where we will go deep, and then allow time for the wisdom of our practice to be absorbed while we are restored.

These schedule changes will allow me the time and space to continue to heal and build prana. Also, I will be able to sub and fill in as much as possible in order to be of service and share practice with even more of you!