Link to my GoFundMe page

Sharing the link to my funding page here on my little site.

Currently, I am only teaching two gentle/restorative classes per week, and working on scheduling the next two knee surgeries. Most likely they will happen at the end of summer sometime. These next surgeries will require a lot of rehab and a lot of down time. 

I am still experiencing a great deal of pain and limited mobility. But, I have also been studying like crazy, and it’s a good distraction from the knees and the stress of being unable to move and to work more. 

Energy Medicine has been a blessing so far. I mean, I am only just beginning this journey, but it’s pretty damn amazing. It is already helping me to manage what I am dealing with.

If you feel like purchasing a class with me in exchange, please do. I have some listed on the funding page, as well as some other things. If you feel like donating, then please do. 

I look forward to sharing Energy Medicine with you all, once I am certified. I also look forward to sharing all I am learning from this experience.




We are all in this together

Any self doubt I have had about teaching while injured, physically limited or dealing with chronic pain, is gone.
Last night, after subbing a class at The People’s Yoga, a woman approached me and said something like this, “Thank you for creating a safe container for me and for every other person in the room who struggles with their body and the idea of being perfect or fitting-in at a yoga class. It says a lot about this studio, that they have a teacher like you, teaching while experiencing pain and/or limitation in your body, just like the rest of us. It makes it easy to relate to you, and I felt very safe and ok with myself tonight. Sometimes yoga teachers seem so physically perfect ,and all look and move a certain way, and it’s hard for many of us to relate. Thank you for relating to us.”

I can’t do much with these knees, but I can share energy.


Love, Melina

Back to Teaching Two Weekly Classes


I am back to teaching Monday Gentle at 9am, and Fridays Restorative Flow at 7pm. Both at The People’s Yoga NE 2nd Studio. I had a less invasive knee surgery than expected, and the other major surgery is postponed until later or after summer. Come see me!

XO Melina

Summer Schedule Changes!


I am scheduled to have another knee surgery on July 1st, that will keep me from teaching my regular classes for about a month, maybe more, while I’m healing. I plan to continue teaching the Embodying The Zodiac classes with Renee, as they aren’t quite as asana based. Although, I will be missing my Full Moon class on Tuesday, July 8th.

But, I am still teaching all my regular classes through this month of June, so come and see me!

Love Love Love,


Hypermobility and Our Joints

While researching hypermobility, I stumbled upon this wordpress post;

It contains some great information for those of you living with hypermobility, like myself. As well as useful information for yoga teachers.

Over my almost 20 years of yoga practice, I have met very few yoga teachers who have actually understood my hypermobility. Most teachers, especially in the early years, seemed to always encourage me to go deeper and deeper into my joints, because I could. So, I did.

This went on for so long, until I starting injuring myself, and finally met teachers that pointed it out to me, and told me I was going ‘way too far’ in certain poses. I will always remember my teacher, Bhava Ram’s advice to me, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” And I still hear his voice telling me this, whenever I get a little too far into my flexibility.

Over the past few years, a lifetime of overdoing it in my knees, it caught up to me. I developed Chondromalacia Patella, which is a condition where the cartilage behind the kneecap begins to soften, break down and tear apart. Also, my lateral meniscus, on both knees have begun to deteriorate.  All due to wear and tear on my hypermobile knees. The fact that I was practicing ballet until age 27, and being tall, didn’t help at all either.

But, finding yoga has helped.

Maybe not at first, but over the years it has taught me to be keenly aware of my body and it’s alignment. It’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as where I am open and where I am more closed.  As a result of my personal experience, I have developed an understanding of others with hypermobility, and hope that through my direct experience, I can be of service to others, to help create awareness and prevent injury.





Taurus Earth and Sky Above


Sometimes we recognize the weight of our steps, and our footprints upon our Mother. We, born of the Earth. She, providing, giving and nurturing us with all that we need. Abundance of all life. We receive so much, and yet, how do we give in return?


We are working up toward a New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse on April 29th, the day of our next Embodying The Zodiac gathering. Eclipses used to really freak people out, and can still do so at times. This eclipse should be less dramatic than the recent Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse, but that’s not to say it’s going to be easy. Eclipses rarely are light or easy. But, this one holds great promise for transformation. We could benefit from taking some time to think about how we communicate and what we truly value. This eclipse in Taurus is also a prefect time to break out of old survival patterns and patriarchal conditioning. A great way to do this is to give. Give back and help others and, maybe even ask for help yourself. How can we ourselves be outwardly nurturing like our Mother Earth? How can we give, help and be of service?

At the same time, Taurus/Venus asks us to take time to *injoy* the abundance of all nature through good food, drink, gardening, putting our feet in the grass, hiking, playing, singing and just being in all of nature’s luxury. Reminding us that we already have everything we need.

More on TAURUS at our next Embodying The Zodiac gathering on Tuesday, April 29th from 7-9pm.

More info and to register;

In Love With Nature,


New Restorative Flow Class!

Beginning Thursday, May 8th, I will be adding a new class to my schedule at Shanti Om Yoga in St. Johns.

RESTORATIVE FLOW at 7:15pm every Thursday.
Very excited about this class, and about offering more and more classes with a healing focus.

‘Restorative Flow’ classes only differ from basic ‘Restorative’ classes, in that the class begins with slow, gentle movements, moving from one tension relieving pose into the next, while moving toward the stillness of deeper and longer holds in restorative poses. One pose flows seamlessly into the next in a relaxing continuum. Entire class is done on the floor, using as many props as needed to fully support each student.
This gentle and peaceful class offers a calm, restful experience of centering, grounding and nurturing relaxation. Restorative postures offer the body a chance to recharge, and to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, encouraging healing and rejuvenation.
This class benefits all, including those with injuries, chronic pain or illness, or those with limited range of motion. As well as for more experienced students, seeking a contemplative practice, to de-stress, and to incorporate self-healing into their lifestyle. All levels welcome.



Earth and Sky

I am so grateful to be back-on-my-feet, and back to sharing time and space with those who find themselves in my classes.
More and more these days, my intention is to assist others in finding the healer within. That is what *yoga* is to me.
Our earthbound bodies, transient and somewhat fragile, enduring and often powerful. This *teacher* is just a hand pointing to our hearts, and another pointing to the sky, at the celestial bodies and their infinite power that is so readily available to us All.